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Brain's Lessons - Shredding Repis on te Gnar Gnar Rad


Good DVD to learn about the importance of groove, but very narrowly focused.

Kids who want to get funkay - fans of Primus?

Warner Bros.


In his debut DVD, Brian goes over some very important concepts such as grooving in a couple different feels, upstroke/downstroke technique, some roll exercises, and some brazilian ostinato patterns and how to get your hands coordinated with them.

Agreed, these are very important concepts. However, it just didn't click for me. The DVD distracts you from the lack of real straight-forward content with various antics and long drawn-out speeches by Brian. I seriously fell asleep half way through this DVD.

It also surprised me, and I hate to say it, but Brian is a very good example of a drummer who has a superior command of feel and groove, but probably plays the networking and the "its who you know" game very well. I was watching some of his clinic/solo clips and thought they were garbage, I honestly don't see what about his skill set sets him apart from a lot of lesser known drummers that I've seen. So I have to deduce that he's an awesome guy and has gotten in good with people in the various bands he's played in. I actually bought a Tim Alexander DVD when I bought this, and thought THAT was going to suck, but I found this far less stimulating that I had anticipated it to be.

For young drummers who need a nice jump start into the game, this DVD will work very well becaue it will start them understanding the importance of having good time and feel, the importance of stroke types, and various other concepts. However, I hope they will be able to pay attention through the endless garage speeches, because I barely did. As I said, though, the DVD is kind of fun to watch at times so maybe that will hold the young attention spans.

If I could take this DVD back to the store, I would. I'll probably sell this thing on eBay. Sorry to be a downer.
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