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Default Re: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Originally Posted by Meat the beat View Post
Don't worry about practicing playing your drums... you need to practice some real life, cos there are some big bad things that just happen indiscriminately to anyone who is out there, not thru anyones fault, or bad mojo or bad karma... and we all have to deal with & actually enjoy our lives despite what happens. I'm sure the homeless guys on Deansgate could shed some light on this for you, just give them a minute. Maybe they should start teaching common sense at uni again... Hope your wrist is better soon. Ohh & I long for a drunken girlfriend - but don't tell my wife!!! :-D
I'm only joking when I'm acting like this is the worst thing thats happened to me, but I just posted what with this being a drum forum. I have had a lot worst things happen to me.

I'm not a weirdo but I have spoken to quite a few homeless guys around manchester. There's particular homeless guy who hangs around the Hilton and deansgate who has an acoustic guitar and a dog. Me and my mate sat with him for a bit once and played on his guitar with him. it was actually pretty cool.

LOL at your last sentence!
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