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Originally Posted by brittc89
Do you feel like its wrong for musicians to play music that is technically challenging to the player?
Absolutely not, but pieces that are written from the standpoint of a chops-challenge, I feel, miss reaching their emotional potential a lot of the times. Technique should be vocabulary to a musician and used to communicate something other than the vastness of the vocabulary itself. Dave Weckl is extremely capable of great playing, I just haven't heard enough to say that "as a musician" he moves me. I bought the Corea stuff in the 80s 'cause it was the rage. It didn't move me then, and it doesn't move me now. I have watched Weckl instructional videos that floored me from a technical standpoint and, from this post, I'm intrigued enough to go search out his more recent work. So thanks.

As for "nicely rounded," in my opinion, it's one thing to shape and form, but to smooth out all the edges of a musical piece tends to lose the soul...again, this is just my opinion.

Oddly enough, I use Dave Weckl sticks...Hmmmm....

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