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Default Re: Star Trek is Back

There is one commercial or video that I really like. There is some kid who can barely see over the steering wheel of a blue 1966 Corvette Stingray, he is hauling down the road faster then a double bass drum roll at 300 bpm. The next scene the kid is being chased by something that appears to be some kind of motorcycle cop. The kid then drives close to the edge of a cliff and spins the Vette around and the kid jumps out. You than see the kid trying to pull himself up off of the edge of the cliff. When he finally gets to his feet, he is met with the Cop asking him, "What is your name?" The kid replies "James Tiberious Kirk."

Even if you do not like Star Trek, you have to like that trailer. As drummers we have a thirst for speed as well.
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