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Default Re: The 'Coolest-est' Names on the Forum?

I know that my name isn't very "cool", but it still holds a symbolic description of my life for at least the next couple of years, I can foresee.

I get a certain "vibe" from different people's names, and I start to equate the effect of the pronunciation of their forum names to the kind of responses and perceived personalities that I project onto them, based on said responses. For example, Gruntersdad gives me the impression of wisdom gained from experience, Mediocrefunkybeat makes me think of a schematic of some piece of recording hardware, Mikei puts the image of a drum collector who loves to rock out in my mind, Nutha Jason makes me think of hip hop due to its ebonic spelling, etc.

Oh, and Zambizzi makes me think of what happens between periods at a hockey game. Can't shake that association for some reason...
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