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Absolutely none, yes, none of the drummers in this world amazes me like Keith Moon of the Who. When I watch the Who videos, I always wonder, how he does this and that. He was so lucky in a band who really appreciates over drumming,( if thats is the right word. )
I think his position is every rock drummer's dream, beleive it or not.

Today, there are so many great drummers there, everywhere, even 6 year old kids.... too much competition.. audition... easy to get fired from a band... etc...... but Keith Moon, there is no one in this world who can play like him.

He is my hero, I would love to be like him, but........ I can only play like a "beginner" Charley for now.... just starting out with super simple snare beats and occasional toms
Like Keith, I never had drum lessons or know how to read music.

Free yourself with drums, do whatever you want. absolutely no rules.

(all these talks about Tom angles, remote hi hats etc.... seems silly when it comes to Keith Moon)
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