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Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
Breaking News. Ha Ha. Manny Ramirez gets suspended for 50 games for using a banned substance. So long pay check.
Yeah, don't ya just LOVE it?? L0L0L!!!

Stay tuned . . . if Manny is involved it'll GUARANTEED be a cluster #@$K!!
More stupidity will ensue EVERY time Manny is involved.

He didn't even FIGHT it, so I would say it's even worse than it seems. He's hoping if he takes the punishment without a fuss they won't dig any further. He was cited as taking a FEMALE infertility drug, a known agent for off-setting the negative effects steroids!!

Yeah, it's gonna get REAL interesting!!

MannyWOOD . . . MannyDID!!

HA HA HA !!!!!
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