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Default Re: Any Chelsea or Barca fans out there?

Between Drogba and Anelka, there was more whining than a classroom of 6 year olds that just had their juice and cookies taken away and more diving than the olympic try-outs. Seriously. Those guys make Ronaldo look like Roy Keane. Suck it up, Chelsea's had 3 of the best managers in the game recently and they can't do it. Like Iniesta TOUCHED Anelka. But poor officiating or not, Chelsea could have and should have put it away, they lead the run of play through most of it and only have themselves to blame. A team that cries over officiating, bad calls etc. is a team that knows they've lost and is looking for a scapegoat. Chelsea was not beaten by the ref, they were beaten by themselves, again.

Roman can't keep his shit together enough to build a team, only buy superstars and think they'll work together because they are great footballers. What team buys Shevchenko and turns him into a rubbish player, then benches him for so long he all but forgets how to play football? Chelsea will fare much better when Roman gets sick of Chelsea (and it will happen), sells the club and and Chelsea HAS to rebuild a strong team from the bottom up. Then they'll have to invest time, money and COMMITMENT to their players and their staff, they'll know what it means to be a TEAM, in it's entirety. Until then, keep pissing away the biggest managers in football, squandering cash on top players and keep wondering why you can't win anything anymore.

Sorry, but no sympathy for Chelsea anymore. At least you can say for Arsenal that Wenger has a PLAN. He is trying to rebuild the club with young players, and they WILL rise to it, eventually. I hate Arsenal and even I can admit that in a couple years, they will (or should have) grown into a solid squad.

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