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Default Re: Double Quotes in a post

Originally Posted by SGT_Drummer View Post
haha, there is always that possibility. however, you just spent time from your life to find that picture. and i'm spending time of my life to type this. i will say however, that your ... what are we calling them now? avatar? profile pic? your face?... is the most awesome little thing i've ever seen. if i would have found that on any other site i would have stolen it in a heartbeat and used it. but alas, you are here and i would be called out as a thief.

...maybe i can hax uR pr0phIlE & dEleTE It... wavelength isn't the only 1337 h4XorZ here. ;p
Hahah u kidding? I have a whole folder of those stupid things. A snarky comment/photo for every occasion. I've been a Farker for some years have to be ready.
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