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Default Re: What to do with Sonor 3003s: Messin with setups

Very, very nice kit. Love the finish. (I have a black sparkle kit as well.) I dig those cymbals too. I like the crash mounted on the kick in the last setup. It's all good...except for that snare. Yeesh, that thing's ugly. I assume it sounds good though.

You are right that used is the way to go. I bought my kit used and saved a bundle of money.

Originally Posted by BoomSnapClap View Post
where did you get the idea to put the high hat in the middle? that is the most interesting thing i have ever seen... What are the Advantages/Disadvantages to doing that?
He got the idea from Bill Bruford. There are a few others on this forum that have setups like that. There is a thread on this kind of setup here.
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