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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Thanks! And thanks for coming out to the clinic. Hope you dig the DVD.


Thanks to you as well. Hope you dig the DVD too!


Nice to meet you at the clinic, man. I deeply appreciate your kind words and I'm glad the clinic had that effect on you. I think clinics should make the attendees want to get to their drum kit right away. And it should be an educational/inspirational type of thing---not just a fireworks display. Because, who does that help, you know? So really, yours is wonderful feedback and I really appreciate it. Get to work---but always remember to have FUN with it. It's not a contest!


Thanks for getting the dvd and for your positive feedback. Man, I'd love to come to Ireland. Thing is, I have to be invited. I don't choose where I do clinics. I have to be invited---that's how these things work! Hopefully I will get a call from a shop or festival over there. Thanks again.


Yup, just passed the 40 mark. I should be breaking a hip anytime now. Thanks for your birthday wishes! I just spent the week doing the basic tracks for the next Taylor Mills record. Very excited.


That's fantastic feedback. Thanks! I'm so glad it's still having a positive effect on you. Keep up the good work! And yeah, got the Beck/Vinnie. Awesome.


Thanks! Best advice is to be patient with your students while giving them strong guidance and encouragement. All students differ so you have to change up your "thing" to fit the needs, temperament and talent level of each student. You'll develop your style with experience. I wish you luck.

Thanks again everyone.....

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