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Originally Posted by lfdy
Is he complaining that some music is nicely rounded?

What's wrong with that...

He's talking about the actual recording and tone of the instruments. I tend to get that super eq'd, perfect recorded, studio magic type of sound a LOT with fusion albums.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely Weckl. He was ALL I listened to for my earlier formative drum years..and I absolutely love Corea, but a lot of that type of stuff leaves me cold these days. The cool thing about those big fusion groups, was how good they were live. You lose most of that super slick studio sound in a live situation, and you really get to here how bad arse those cats really were.

One thing's kind of moot talking about his old stuff. If you listen to anything Weckl's made since the whole Freddie Gruber experience...his new stuff is AWESOMELY groovy. His drums still sound freakin' prefect, but his band has a whole new fire that I really like.
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