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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

Originally Posted by wolfie View Post
Just bought my first Gretsch kit. A Catalina club jazz in white pearl.
All though a bugdet priced kit, I am very inpressed.
The Toms and bass sound amaizing, not so inpressed with the snare. Might have to get my Yam birch custom snare out. With out looking at it to closely it sounds like they haven't cut the snare beds properly but thats Taiwan for you.
I have a couple of gigs over the week end and then in the studio for two weeks so I'll get some photo's on here soon.
Cool! First off welcome to DW!
First Gretsch is prolly not gonna be your last! The Club jazz is a great gigging kit!
I have even done some recording with one!
The snare drum favors a higher tuning. Great rim shots, but it rings alittle. I like the snares from the Cat Jazz kits!
I have a Club mod kit that I am messing with the snare and general tuning on as well. Could be the snare bed?!?
I am thinking its more of a tweeking the drum issue!
Welcome to the Gretsch family..and let's see those pix! and a review would be cool as well!
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