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OK, the season is well under way and the teams are building up steam for a run!

I'm kind of stunned to see the Yankees and their playing this year, they're NOT playing up to potential, they have no bullpen and if they don't pull it together it's going to be a waste of 1.5 BILLION dollars in the building of the NEW Yankee Stadium.

Could they have maybe taken 1.5 BILLION and repaired the OLD Yankee Stadium over time? You know, the Stadium with ALL the important baseball karma ever made in the history of baseball? Where there were people actually IN the seats rooting for the home team? Seems like just last year the Yankees had FANS in the seats at MOST of the games at home. This year the epic rivalry of the Boston Red Sox vs the New York Yankees gets only a smattering of fans in the "House That Ruth Didn't Build".

Seems like EPIC FAIL to me! Even as a Red Sox fan I would like to see the Yankees do a LITTLE better than this.

Where will baseball be without Yankees Red Sox?

Congrats to the Tampa Bay Rays for again proving they are for real and not an aberration of luck. They will most likely see the post season again this year their present record not withstanding. They still give the Red Sox fits, that's for sure!!

I expect the Dodgers from the NL west to be a MAJOR problem in the post season now that Manny has to prove himself again. We'll see how long he can keep THAT up! I feel REALLY good that Jason Bay has come to Boston and be a positive force in the Red Sox lineup displacing the Cancer that was Manny. Too bad, Manny is probably the MOST gifted hitter in baseball, but he'll always find a way to drag the team down eventually. Hopefully for the Dodgers he'll last the two years I predict he has left before he retires to spend all of the ridiculous money he's made for himself, ON himself. Maybe he'll do the right thing for those remaining two years and play the game right and finish his career looking good.

OK baseball fans, what's YOUR take on all of this? Any added stuff from YOUR perspective?

LET'S TALK SOME BASEBALL!! It's what we drummers DO to relax before and after playing drums!!

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