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Originally Posted by Ian Ballard View Post
Because that "Truth", is that of the understanding that there IS ONE.

Do you feel that there exists "Truth"? If so, it must, logically, be a universal concept. Or, at the very least, conceptually consistent with something not one being in the universe would disagree with.

This puts Truth in a vary rare category of perhaps only being comprised of one thing.

Some people call it "God", others "Allah", yet more "The Dharma" or even "The Almighty Tao", but those concepts speak to every human on Earth, even if they claim to be atheists. The most horrendous of mass murderers; Stalin, Hitler, Mao... etc, still have to agree with the basic premises of those pillars of philosophy. Contentment depends on the desire to continue on the next day, and do better than the last. What drives people to do better or even to keep going, is Truth. Some of the aforementioned religions have failed to reach what exactly that is, because it too, has to keep going and maintain it's status, just like governments have to.

Truth, in it's pure reality, would not tolerate religion, or science, or any other conceptual idea of one race of create in this universe. A man trying to define exactly what Truth is, could not be a more impossible task.

All we can do, is conceptualize what Truth does, what it represents and the fact that is must exist. Perhaps it's not necessary to define it in some linguistic permutation, but it is important to understand that from the tiniest of atomic constituents, to the universe as a whole, there is something that binds it together in perfect harmony, so that it can exist at all.

So you are admitting truth is just a concept? Albiet a universal one? And all the people of this earth believe there to be a universal truth, albeit differently?

What if everyone is wrong? Concepts even universal ones don't have to be real. They are based on hypothesis.

Sorry not trying to be cheeky here,'s quite possible for very large masses of people to collectively live in false or alternate realities. ( remember the Jonestown mass suicides of 1978 ?..).

Did you know that until quite recently the 'San' tribesmen of the Kalahari desert ( Bushmen ), when arrested by the South African authorities for poaching ( they thought they were buying dinner.. ), and put into a prison cell as punishment for the offense, simply died?

That was their truth.

They had not concept of time standing still, or the reality of a day in the near future when they might be free again. Their metabolic systems just shut down, and they died! I think the authorities revised the law for the tribesmen after these incidents.

If truth then equals reality , is it therefore then an interpretation of concepts, principles, beliefs, values, empirical evidence? An interpretations of different realities?

If so then how can there be one truth?

Your opening assumption that truth is by definition is singular ( as in there can be only one truth ) is just that. An assumption.

What if the only truth is that there is no truth?

Much as we, and I include the collective human race ( who, come to think of it, actually haven't been around long enough to be credible representatives of our planet, let alone the cosmos..) wish it otherwise.

So is it an aspiration? Is there a fundamental innate need for the human mind to derive a comforting sense understanding for something to be true?
The first thunderclap ever heard by a prehistoric human ear was probably the most definitive reason many of us today believe in our Lord, who art in heaven.

Hey, dont get me wrong I'm just a big ol'doofuss drummer here, with no great or deep understanding of all these things, but what I really question is Human Arrogance.

That he is indeed the master of the universe and everything operates by his rules and understanding. That all things can or need to be explained within the framework of his existing and ever-changing bank of knowledge and should fit into his neat little boxes of reason and understanding. And anything that doesn't,........ doesnt exist.

My extremely uneducated guess is that we are such a tiny fragment of a humungous massive whole, we can hardly afford to be so cock sure.

When I was a kid, maybe 4, or 5 my uncle took me camping in the mountains. For the first time ever , I saw the night sky of the open wilderness, and the explosion of stars and glittering galaxies almost blinded me with wide eyed wonder.

I remember asking myself the question " who the *%$# am I and what the *&%# am I doing here".
I still ponder the same question 40 years later... and still dont have a &*%# freaking clue...


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