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Default Anyone heard of the D-Tool?

The D-Tool was basically a multitool, much like a large Swiss army knife, but it had a drum key, both types of screwdrivers, and several allen wrenches of different sizes (it may have had additional tools, but I don't remember). This thing was the most useful piece of drum gear I had for several years.

Then I lost it about a year or two ago (the D-Tool, not my sanity - although I may lose that soon too), probably left it at a gig or church. I've been searching for it ever since, without success. Has anyone else heard of it and know where I can get another? Or do you know of anything similar that has the same tools? I've seen a bunch that come close, but I actually used all three (key, screwdrivers, and allen wrenches) and would like to find one that has them.

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