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Default Re: Show us your Four Piece Kits.

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
I've had the them a week today Barry :}

Here's the specs:

Peace Aqua Marine finish X3 Bee-Bopp jazz kit made of 9 ply Canadian rock maple. They are the latest in drum making technology coming from Taiwan by Peace being made with thinner plies of Canadian rock maple.right between 7-8mm for a 9 ply drum shell. Each 9 ply drum is perfectly round and true with some of the best joint seams seen to date on a ply type shell. Very light drums overall.


16"x18" virgin bass drum
12"x14" floor tom
8"x12" tom tom with a flat black crescent suspension rim and seperate TT stand.

The Peace SD-138BD 5 1/2"x14" phosphor bronze snare drum which I added a set of 20 strand PureSound Customs too was an earlier purchase Barry I put together this new X3 Bee-Bopp kit around.

A few more daytime pics as requested... :}
,,,very nice indeed Stan.

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