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Default Re: Show us your Four Piece Kits.

Originally Posted by baz View Post
...Stan you Dog.

Those are beautifull, Have you been holding out on us. How long have you had these. Specs, more porn, toss in some of those tasty turks as well.

I've had the them a week today Barry :}

Here's the specs:

Peace Aqua Marine finish X3 Bee-Bopp jazz kit made of 9 ply Canadian rock maple. They are the latest in drum making technology coming from Taiwan by Peace being made with thinner plies of Canadian rock maple.right between 7-8mm for a 9 ply drum shell. Each 9 ply drum is perfectly round and true with some of the best joint seams seen to date on a ply type shell. Very light drums overall.


16"x18" virgin bass drum
12"x14" floor tom
8"x12" tom tom with a flat black crescent suspension rim and seperate TT stand.

The Peace SD-138BD 5 1/2"x14" phosphor bronze snare drum which I added a set of 20 strand PureSound Customs to was an earlier purchase Barry I put together this new X3 Bee-Bopp kit around.

A few more daytime pics as requested... :}
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