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Default Re: Mapex Saturn in Galaxy Fade

Thanks for the comments guys. These drums are great for sure. A good choice I feel =)

Originally Posted by zepplin92 View Post
hey man that kit looks awsome, and these kits sound greats, congrats and enjoy.

Whose autographs do you have behind you, one looks like chad smith, but i dont know.
The head on the left is signed by some of the guys at a local radio station (Kerrang 105.2). The cymbal is signed by Aaron from Billy Talent and Darrin from Goldfinger, and the head on the right is signed by Chad Smith.

Originally Posted by Kothlow View Post
Really nice looking drums for sure, I like your cymbal setup as well. You didnt like the XS20 hats? I'm not saying there is anything wrong with your hats, just seems you bought everything else XS20.
Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
Sounds crazy, but i reckon he might have bought the XS20 set originally and then when he got a bit of money together decided to upgrade to a better model of hihat, the AAXs.
eddiehimself, you're right, I did buy the Xs20 pack but decided to upgrade to the AAX's and sold the Xs20's on eBay.
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