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Default Re: My drum refinishing project (PIC HEAVY)

Originally Posted by freebirdgdw View Post
Nice job mate, and as a few people have stated, it WAS worth your time and effort.

one question though, what have you done about the damaged edges? is there anyway to fix them or have you just tidied them up a bit?
if i were to fix them completely it would have taken cutting.
what i did was and parts that were splitting between layers: i took wood glue and tried to get it in the crack as best i could and a little on top, and then clamped it together using whatever i had at the time. one time i was trying to fix 4 spots on the bass so i used 2 actual clamps but ran out so the other two spots were clamped with a car battery recharger haha.
after that i just sanded a little. so pretty much a tidying.

Originally Posted by Bol-D View Post
very nice
awesome job
i would love to give restoring a kit a go one day
this has inspired me
*pound it*
glad i could inspire
my drum refinishing
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