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Originally Posted by Thinshells
I have both, need I post a photo? they look and weigh identically...
similar yet different.

Notice the Gadd sticks from the shoulder to the bead have very little taper to them (or from butt to tip, for that matter).

Weckl sigs have a beefy shoulder and a harsher taper down to the tip.

The center of gravity is way different too. Hold on in the fulcrum and find the center balance point. You'll notice the Gadd ones differ from the Weckl ones.

The shape of the tips, while similar, are not identical.

Also, Gadd plays with the BUTT of his sticks a lot, and the shape and tape of the stick reflects that. I think his sticks are long and skinny with little taper to accomodate this flipping the stick around for using the butt on the ride, but still feeling the same as when the stick is the other way.

Just my observations, having tried both sticks.

The only thing I dislike about either stick is that when your hands sweat, that finish gets real slippery (and the Gadd stick lacquer on the bead wears through really fast).
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