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Default Re: How Do You Get In Shape?

Don't confuse 'losing body fat' with 'getting in shape'. I know plenty of perfectly fit people who are fat.

Start off slow. Take a nice long walk around your neighborhood every day. I also recommend going swimming too. Not only is it fun, it exercises your body. The best way to get in shape is to move, not work out.

You also have to watch how you eat, too. This doesn't mean cut all the meat and sugar out of your diet, it means to balance all that stuff out so you're not eating more than you need of something. Also, get into natural food--food that has no preservatives, artificial stuff, not processed, and only as much lipids (fat oil grease) as it needs. Eat locally grown food, too. If you live in New England, get apples from a local farm, not imported all the way in from Washington.
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