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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Originally Posted by Todd Sucherman View Post
Hey Everyone,

Just dropping a note here at 5 am....just pulling into St. Louis after two amazing days in Chicago, my old hometown.

I've received a lot of positive feedback from the trailer clip of my upcoming DVD, "Methods and Mechanics"shown here at Drummerworld and I thought I'd pass on some news about it.

The release date is August 5th and we're hopefully doing the Blu Ray in the fall. It's an expensive proposition, but for now we have the double DVD shot in HD 16X9 at the replicators now. It clocks in at over 5 hours----so wear something comfortable for viewing! We will start taking pre orders and hopefully ship before the actual release date. You can get the info at

It will be available worldwide from them. I hope that those who choose to check it out gain much from the content and are entertained at the very least! I'm happy to pass on more information or answer any questions that anyone might have.

Thanks to Bernhard for this incredible site. I mention it by name in the DVD as well.....

And thanks to you guys as well! Cheers and happy drumming--

Todd Sucherman
Hey Todd, I love your playing skills, dude, you are BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the song One with Everything!!!!!!!! anyway do you have any tips on giving lessons?? I have been giving lessons to a girl in my nieghborhood and well...... let's just say it REALLY challenging!!!! thx again!!! PS: check out my set!!!! and all yall can give me lesson tips!!!!!! plz and thx!!!!
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