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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Originally Posted by RudimentalDrummer
In Gregg Bisonette Musical Drumming DVD ...Gregg said - Pss.sss Tell you all something ... a Secret..."Speed is not the most important aspect of Drumming .... Keeping Time and playing with the band is"

Luckily - Speed is not the most important. Gregg continue to say ... In ancient time, people dance to the Drums (very true) they don't dance to any other Musical Instruments right ? ... yes.... and so ... Making our Drums Groove is important ... make them bop their heads and wanna dance to your beat ... not speed.

PS: Not the speed is not important - just that it's not the most important aspect of drumming.
A good analogy is auto racing. Straight away speed isn't what makes a fast lap time, because it is the corner preceeding the long straight that determines how fast you will be going on the straight part. Sometimes you have to "slow down" to go fast.

Musically speaking, a little white space every now and then, mixed in with blasts of speed, make the speed seem faster than it really is! A constant barrage of blast beats stops sounding fast after about, oh, 4 bars.

With that said, you can see why Billy has a lucrative career telling people his opinion about music, and I don't ;-)

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