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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

Originally Posted by Kothlow View Post
Can't wait to see some pictures of your kit Yamahamer.
About the cut down e-ring, I bought an Evans E-ring for my 16" floor tom, but I found the ring dampened it waaay too much, so I cut it to abot 1/2" thick. Probably would have been easier to buy moongels, but oh well. I already had the e-ring.
I should have some pix up this weekend.
I have been messing around with tuning and find that these drums need no dampening.
Very full and resonant. The 5 lug 12 inch rack tom takes a little fussing, but once it's's THERE!
Just a great sounding set of drums! Gonna go for the Aquarian SK1 on the kick I already have an Aquarian force ll white reso head that has a 5" port..I think an SK1 would be great on this bass drum with the force ll res.
I may also try out response 2 batters and look at different resonants (toms)

Oh yeah, I slapped on a Aquarian Hienergy snare batter and the drum came to life.
I still am messing with a snare reso swap and wireset.

So far, I am lovin' 'em.
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