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Default Re: What would you pay??

Originally Posted by drummerchick435 View Post
I'd pay $10-$20. I LOVE DW! I would hate to see it go! I consider a lot of people here good friends.
Here's the thing folks...if you WOULD pay have you made a contribution? I am not saying I am a regular contributor to the till, but I am willing to put my money where my mouth is and pay and for those that cannot or will not I would still pay just so that they can be here as well; DW IMO is too valuable to squirrel away to only those that can pay there is no other resource out there near the value as this!

And for our moderators....RIGHT ON TO EACH OF THEM!!!! I would expect that if I broke the rules I would either be warned or booted and not fault them at all...that is why I try to keep my nose out of the occasional poo that may come along!

To our gracious HOSTS: CHEERS!!!!

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