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I define truth as, simply, something that is not wrong. Different mind views can have different truths. For example, an athiest will say that the truth is that there is no God but a christian will say the truth is that there is. There are some objective truths we can know, such as math. In math there is no sort of there is only wrong and right. Math is a truth that is known worldwide, 2 plus 2 equals 4 everywhere. In the minds throughout the world there are different "truths" but in reality there is only one truth. However this leaves out the subject of ethics. Such as is it a truth that the murderer deserved to get five years in prison? In this realm truth is subjective between people, country, religon. But as I said earlier there is only one truth. I believe that the only real truth are those which are stated in The Bible. Most truths are man-made so these are objective to us but subjective to other species including God. We would need an outside force to assign us a definitive, objective truth and I hold that thing to be the God of the Holy Bible.
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