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Default Re: Thrash/Heavy Metal Band names?

Originally Posted by metal overlord View Post
I'd hold off on anything necro-
overused (Necrophagist, Necrophasia, Necrophiliac)

Aneurysm sounds cool. Google/myspace it though, just to be sure.
Or, try to be way out there, like Job For A Cowboy or Rage Against the Machine, or even We All Have Day Jobs.
Also necro- is reserved for death metal.

I came up with a couple for 2 bands I was in. One was named after a radio station that we thought was cool and the name kind of matched. Another was a town that the band thought sounded cool.

If you are along the death/weapons/power kind of path you could try just finding something like
Saxitoxin (virus)
Hellfire, Talos (Missile names)

or something like that. I just found those by looking around wikipedia for a few minutes.

It would be good if it meant something to the band or type of music you play.

I might avoid Aneurysm if there are already a bunch with that name. Dealing death is alright, but a little generic, it depends on what you are going for exactly.
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