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Default How Do You Get In Shape?

One of the main reasons I joined this board was to address something that's been bothering me, something that's been affecting my drumming. So I'm just going to come out and say it.
Lately when I play I feel stiff afterwards. Finally I realized that age is catching up with me. Aside from drumming I've never been a physical person, and now I think I need to change that.
I have no idea about how to work out. I've never played sports, never gone to a gym, nothing like that. I'm in good health and I'm slim enough (size 31 jeans), but there's a bit of stuff around my middle that just has to go, I need to trim down and get stronger and looser, get more muscle and less, well, flab. Playing the drums just isn't enough.
What I need is a place to start, some kind of idea of how to develop a fitness routine that will produce results (God, I can't believe I'm actualy saying this.)
If anyone here knows anything about such things and how they relate to playing the drums I'd very much like to hear what they have to say.
What I want is to be able to play like I did twenty years ago, with that kind of stamina and looseness. Back then I took it for granted. It turns out that this was a big mistake.
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