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Default Re: Writing a book (not instructional) opinions wanted

For inspiration, you may want to read "Killing Bono" which is a book written about a guy who went to school with U2, formed a band at the same time, and flopped hard while his school chums went on to be international stars.

It's a pretty hilarious book, of which many of us can relate too many parts of it.

I only bring it up, because yes, there is a market for such a book. I think many of us would have great stories we could tell, but most of us would have a hard time writing it in a way that would be entertaining, and this guy did it (although he was writing from the point of view of a singer, rather than drummer). Although it sort of helped that became a writer for big music magazine, but that's besides the point.

Also the movie Anvil is out now, a story about a band who should have been successful, but weren't, but once again showing that if done right, you don't have to famous to have good story about being the music business.

Good luck, and keep us updated. :-)
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