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Default Re: Trivium...and sometimes Mastodon

Originally Posted by drumnoob View Post
Not to nitpick but Machine Head, chronologically speaking, definitely isn't even close to being part of NWOAHM. Their first (and probably best) major label album came out in like, '94. That's like calling Fear Factory or even Pantera NWOAHM. :) By the late nineties they had completely sold out and became a rap-metal band. Their recent work has been pretty decent though, a return to their roots of sorts. Why Rob Flynn started rapping is beyond me--wait, it's because it was $$$ at the time.

Yeah, I know, but I don't like their old stuff except for Burn my Eyes. So, I just kind of ment that their aiding and can kinda be part of NWOAHM because their newer stuff is thrashy goodness. Your right, in most cases. But, I said them because for one, people are just finding out about them now, and to alot of people their "new".

And Amon Amarth isn't even from the US, right?

I guess Municipal Waste can be part of it, too. Maybe, their more just an underground thrash band.

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