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Default Re: What would you pay??

Posts deleted, and one sad little teenaged potty mouth banned. I'm sure he'll go somewhere else and complain about how he was banned for "nothing." Even in a thread that is attempting to thank us for what we do, some silly boy has to show his backside. Off now, lad. Run and play.

I know that I'm only saying what most of you know, but neither Jason nor I have taken a single penny for the years that we have put up with such nonsense, and the money that Bernhard gets for the ads on the site doesn't come close to covering what he has paid out of his own pocket. Dozens upon dozens of pro and semi-pro drummers telling the world that DrummerWorld is the best at what we do, and a few silly sods crying that they actually have to act like grown adults if they're going to hang out here. I can't think of a better way to look like the south end of a north-facing donkey.
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