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Default Re: What would you pay??

Originally Posted by 805Drummer View Post
You know, no offense to anyone, but even though you said some stuff that is obviously against the rules and will get you banned, I must agree with some of your post...I feel for you. When I first came here, I was scolded by a lot of the older members as well.
Exactly, when we first start skimming through the forums and get advice from someone like aydee, Gruntersdad, etc. (members with a lot of experience) we don't know them and smart off to them, but as we get to know them more, we respect them even if we still do know very little about them. We come to recognize that they really are helpful.

Originally Posted by Paul Quin View Post
Oh - and to return this thread to its actual topic:
I NEVER use this (whatever it is) when typing, but....... LOL!
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