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Default Re: What would you pay??

Oh - and to return this thread to its actual topic: I find it dissapointing that so many people who spend so much time here value the service provided so poorly. I agree that if this was a pay-forum, that many would go somewhere else where it was free but considering how great this place is - and how respectful (most) people are - shouldn't we all be prepared to pay for what we get? While this is clearly a labor of love for Bernhard and for Thomas and Jason, why shouldn't they earn money for doing so? How many of us would be prepared to give so freely of our time and effort only for others to take advantage of our generosity.

Comments about not being able to afford to pay only really reveal a bias toward other priorities. Surely a fee of $10 per month for the benefits provided by this site is nothing. If everybody wanted to learn badly enough they would pay. Unfortunately, there seems to be a culturaly ingrained sense of entitlement to places such as this. How sad is that.

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