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Default Re: Trivium...and sometimes Mastodon

Originally Posted by ZildjianMan1023 View Post
i have to disagree with you ian,

trivium is far from pop, but i think i like them so much is because of heafy's vocals.

i was watching the making of crack the skye and pretty much what you said is verbatim to what brent hinds said

If you're looking for bands that are players in "Metal" then you're going to have to open up to the "intense" nature of metal. I'd recommend looking through from the openings of metal at bands that "defined" the genre from earlier days (sabbath, deep purple) up through standards now (Lamb of god, Mastodon).

You also need to listen through all of Mastodon's earlier work before you cite it as "too intense" a lot of it is rather mellow. Look up: Seabeast, Hearts Alive, O'le Nessy, Elephant man, Pendulous Skin, and Joseph Merrick.
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