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Default It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Tuesday morning: looking forward to the day ahead of me. I'm a media student and had a day of filming planned which I enjoy, followed by a night out with my mates and girlfriend at the student union. Then on Wednesday I was going to go home from uni to play on my new Sabian APX 20" crash and 14" hats as well as my 20" wuhan china that have arrived along with my new big dog hi hat stand and straight cymbal stand. Yey for me!

Reality: Didn't sleep well on monday night so getting up early on the tuesday was horrible. then the filming was very longwinded and boring and just generally a ballache. I get back to my flat the night and my girlfriend and her mates are already drunk whilst I'm tired and sober :( we go to the student union and because my girlfriend is so drunk she knocks my pint out of my hand which goes all over me. I then go to get a new pint but slip on the spilt pint, go arse over tit and land on my wrist spraining it whilst everyone laughs at me hysterically (if I was a girl I would of been picked up and taken care of, but no). I go home on Wednesday to find I cant hit any of my new cymbals with my right sprained hand and struggle to even lift them onto the stands.

If this is karma, I must of done something horrible in a past life :(
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