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Default Trivium...and sometimes Mastodon

for all of you new wave of American heavy metal fans...THIS is your thread...

my band has gone through some major lineup changes. and each new member with their own influences...

my friend Shane who is now our new guitarist brought over Shogun by Trivium... i never really was turned on to the whole screaming idea in metal, but that album soon took me over.

needless to say Trivium is now one of my all time favorite bands and that i own all 4 of their albums now =x

anywho, with my new love for Trivium i soon opened up to Mastodon...

now, Blood Mountain and other albums before Crack The Skye i highly doubt ill listen to. thats just too intense for me

but Crack The Skye is an an amazing album

i want YOUR thoughts on both of these bands and perhaps any other thoughts you may have on other bands in the same genre...
Howard Roark is my main man.
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