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Originally Posted by drummingdunc View Post
Here he is! Been looking for this thread for ages. OMG this guy is intense! Those metal non-believers might say the usual "its just bass drum rolls, no creativity..." blah blah. Have you heard that sick pattern he plays on the kick at the end of "Eyes Of A Criminal". Eek!

Chimaira have continued to improve and mature at pretty much the same rate as me! Their first album was very nu-metal which was what I was into at the time, but I still love that record. 'Split', 'Painting The White To Grey', some quality tunes with pretty unorthodox drumming. The self titled CD and most recent album are more metalcore and it's all awesome.

Andols used to endorse an online double bass tuition method that was 'top secret'. You had to pay for the lessons in advance. Didn't do it, and still can't play double bass properly!
Yeah dude, his drumming on "The Flame" is also really good.
I'm seeing Chimaira open for Disturbed, should be great!
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