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Chaos AD was the 1st proper metal album I heard. 'Amen' scared me a little, but what a groove! Also I remember one time I fell asleep listening to the album and woke up to the spooky laughs and screams at the end. Freaked me out man!
Don't really like the newer stuff, but his tribal style has really influenced me as a fledgling drummer. 'Propaganda' live is crazy, BTR and Arise are monumental, and I like Morbid Visions just for the album cover. It looks like a 12 year old drew it! And obviously 'The Curse' is comedy gold.
Apparently when they went in to record the 1st album, Igor had never played with his feet before. He learnt it in the studio.

And another thing, does anyone know about the toms he used for 'Schizophrenia'? They have a real 80's electro pop tone, but I seriously doubt he used electronics then.
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