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Default Re: Most enjoyable concert experince

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Lorber & Weckl.. now thats unexpected... must have been a blast , Michael. ( Meek is awesome..)
Oh...let me tell ya, aydee. I have to admit, I was transfixed on DW pretty much the whole night. I couldn't help it, my table was right at the stage with Weckl playing sideways on the farthest right of the stage, facing the rest of the band. And right in front of me, man! :-O

I could of spit over his head I was so close. ;-)

But yes, Lorber was spectacular, and Gary, anything but, Meek WAS awesome!

Hope to see these guys again...for sure!

I just LOVE the Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis, Md. If anyone gets a chance to see a show there...DO NOT HESITATE! Excellent little jazz-club style venue.

I've seen Frank Marino there twice. I've also seen Keith Emerson, Carl Palmer, Rik Emmett, and Stanley Jordan there. All were fantastic. And it's the set-up of the venue that really enhances the musical experience. You're right there with the artist just a few feet away. Great sound is also a treat.
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