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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

I already posted these, but, hey, since there's a dedicated Premier thread...

Originally, this is a 7-piece Projector Series kit that I bought brand new in 1989. I can get two kits out of it when the mood strikes. These are the classic, awesome 3-ply birch with beech re-ring shells along with the long Art Deco lugs. This was one of the final years that they used the classic Premier lugs. Yamaha had just bought out Premier at the time, so there were a lot of changes right after this kit came out. Premier was bought back from Yamaha in the mid/late 90's and became it's own company again.

I throw hoops on the 18" floor tom as the basis of FT/BD conversion kit. I fold down the FT legs, so I get BD spurs without the need for any drilling.

10(x9), 13(x11), 18(x16), 13x6.5 Yamaha Musashi Oak, Gibraltar flat-based hardware

15" 2002 Sound Edge Hats with 18", 20", 24" Paiste Giant Beats

Here's the rest of the kit in situ at our practice space.

12(x10), 16(x15), 22(x16), 14x5 '76 Ludwig Supraphonic

15" Paiste/Ludwig Hats (early 60's, nickel-silver), 18" K Zildjian Med. Thin Crash, 16" Sabian Thin Crash (80's block letter ink), 21" Sabian HH Vintage Ride

The original hardware is a strange hybrid of classic Premier details (tilters, wingnuts and tighteners) on top of, I believe, the standard double braced Yahama hardware of the time. Those collars on the stand segments are straight up Yamaha, but everything is marked "Premier", though. The kick drum pedal and hi-hat stand footboard are also obviously Yamaha, but they're still molded and stamped "Premier Made in England".


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