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Default Re: Donny Gruendler here!

Hello Digga-Digga-Burr,
Thanks for taking the time to check in, say hello and write. I also apologize in my tardy response – I have been traveling quite a bit.

As for PIT, I do think that it is a wonderful place to learn, live and breath drums. You will get to study with some very talented faculty, play drums many hours a day, learn many different styles, improve your sound and time and ultimately -- get better at an accelerated rate. Due to the schools Hollywood, CA location, students also get access to auditions and meeting working musicians that “could” help them get work.

However (and with that being said), it is not just a place to get jobs and integrate into the music scene. This can only be accomplished if the student is working hard and can meet the requirements of a particular bandleader, artist or any other working professional. So if you want to attend – prepare to work hard.

Although, if you feel like you are already playing at a professional level – then my advice is to “give it a go” and just move to Los Angeles/Hollywood or NYC and begin to integrate yourself into the scene.

I hope that helps,
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