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Default Trivett Wingo

I've seen Trivett now four times with his band (The Sword) and read anything I can on him and he is fast becoming one of my favorite current living drummers.

Raised on the likes Bonham, Moon, Ward and Paice; he really has that heavy foot and pocket feel that these guys had.

On "Age of Winters" two of my favorite tracks are 'Iron Swan' and "Freya". On the newer record; "Gods of Earth", 'Maiden Mother and Crone' and 'The White Sea' are great.

He yields that triplet/shuffly feel Bonham had and is just as heavy. And the group themselves are supertight and the music just melds together, check him out if you haven't, here's a couple links to some of his stuff.

The Sword at a show I saw where they finished with Freya with a little break/jam of Zep's 'Bring It On Home' (absolutely amazing):

This is Ebethron from the first album, it has a real Bonham-esque solo midway through.
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