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Default Re: Riffs That Make You Go "Oooh..."

Originally Posted by Jonesy View Post

Hysteria is the most epic sing I've heard in my life, and that bass line line is like a train the whole way through.
omfg yes!! that bass line is epic!

i remember the first time i heard this song. sitting in my buddy's car on our way to a music store a few towns away. the whole band was in the car as we had a show that night and were grabbing some supplies, everyone had already heard the cd so i was the nub. after the previous song finished they paused the cd, looked at me and said "are you ready to have your mind blown?" of crouse my response was, "it's probably not that great, they sound like a thom yorke ripoff, but w/e" they all laughed and hit play. as soon as it started my jaw hit the floor. and i have been in love with muse every since.
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