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Default Re: Most enjoyable concert experince

this may be a shame to the older drummer, i sure would have loved to see bonham, moon, rich and all the other great players and bands of the 60s and 70s, but alas my parents started the shagging a little late for that.

my best concert ever, The Hives 2004 in St. Louis, MO at The Pops They had just released Tyranosaurus Hives. The show was absolute insanity. I have never heard a band be able to sound on stage like they did on the CD like these guys did and still have tons and tons of freshness and energy to make it an awesome experience. and the drummer? Like OMGWTF! he's like Phil Rudd meets Steve Moon. He remains to this day one of my favorite drummers... but uh.. I'm such a fan of the band as a whole that I don't know his name. Yes, i know. EPIC Failure.

close runners up would be Man Man also in St. Louis from philly, and Lye by Mistake from St. Louis (lol sensing a theme here). If anyone gets a chance to go to a Man Man concert and does so, it will be the single greatest decision you will ever make. don't bother listening to thier albums, just go into the concert blind. it will blow your mind. and don't worry about trying for Lye By Mistake, they broke up shortly after the show I saw.
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