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Wilco is amazing live! True musicianship. Yankee is great. Though I must say that I prefer A Ghost is Born and Sky Blue Sky, mainly due to the addition of Nels and Mikail and the subtraction of Jay. I would definitely agree that Glen's work on Yankee is absolutely remarkable. If you haven't already, check out Sky Blue Sky. He has some sweet licks on that album and his approach seems to be getting even more refined, tasteful, and for lack of a better word...badass. His attention to coloristic and textural elements is truly unparalleled. Also, I was able to pick his brain a bit at the Knoxille show a few days ago and I was surprised with how genuinely nice he is. Nels also told me that the new album would be out in June, which is pretty great considering Im seeing them in Cincinatti on June 12th and was able to see them on the day that Ashes of American Flags was released. What are the odds?
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