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Paradiddler, thank you for writing your reviews. They are fun to read. I do have to respectfully disagree with the #1 though. His momo's party and the electronic stuff after was pretty weak. Even the waltz. Considering what Thomas Lang has done with electronics, it seems Neil would either not go there or at least have something comparable. The electronic stuff made zero sense to me at least. If a nobody like me finds it lacking then that is the least of Neil's worries ;)

THere are some great bootlegs out there. I heard one from Roll the Bones. Neil started on the electronic kit which he stated in his Anatomy dvd that he never did that. That solo was killer. The drum sound was the best I ever heard from him. On Freewill for the band solo section, he dropped a stick during the ride pattern (WAY faster live) and he was just playing the dotted eighth bass/snare. After retrieving another stick, he just lays in with fury. That bootleg sort of immortalized Neil for me.
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