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Default Re: Most enjoyable concert experince

The Progressive Nation '08 Show i went to. Dream Theater are to this day the most talented group i've seen. and opeth and 3 were almost as increadible :) ....Between The buried and me on the other hand werent my cup of tea, but all in all that was the most incredible 5 hours of Prog in my life.

just talking about it makes me super pumped about it. lol

and also, Pillar is deffintely one of my favoruite bands to watch live. and I'm lucky enough to be able to say i've seen 'em 3 times!! all 3 concerts were mind blowing!! the drummer is deffintley one of the most talented induviduals I've seen preform, hes right up there with dream theater IMO. actually I'm suprised Lester Estelle Jr. isn't on Drummerworld....

Come give us a listen

and a like
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