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Default Re: Most ENJOYABLE concert experince

Hmmm, I've seen alot of awesome concerts. I always enjoy them. Lollapalooza 08 definately takes it though. It was my first festival and the line up was made for me.

Radiohead the first night, Rage Against The Machine (!!) the second night, and NIN on the third. Radiohead made everyone cry using a climactic blend of fireworks and music during Everything in it's Right Place through to Fake Plastic Trees. I'm not kidding, as soon as the last firework blew and they brought it down for the last section of fake plastic trees, they sent out this pulsating tidal wave of emotion - and everyone felt it. Rage almost started a riot. And Kanye West's beats were so loud you could hear him from the other side of the park and subsequently ruined NIN's Hurt lol.

There were a ton of amazing subheadliners and smaller bands during the day too. Slash made a suprise appearance and played a Janes Addiction song with Perry Farrel and the luckiest 13 year old drummer ever. Jeff Tweedy did an awesome little acoustic set, though I missed Glen Kotche and the rest of Wilco since they were playing the same time as Rage...ahh well. Grizzly Bear and Explosions in the Sky were incredible. Gnarls Barkly was tight as anything and even Gogol Bordello was a lot of fun at the time.

Yeah, I don't think I'll top that.
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