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Default Re: Most ENJOYABLE concert experince

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Yeah, Abe, but have you ever seen anybody noteworthy? :)

I saw Lieb last year at the 55 bar, and he is still one of the best around. It was one of the best shows I ever saw. i was inches from his cone, and every break he sat down next to me like a lng lsto friend.
Ya, he is quite a performer. Btw Julius Pastorius' band might be doing that gig soon. keep an eye out nice improv funk.

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
I also saw Weather Report back in 82-83?; I don't know if they were jazz :P but they were one of the greatest live acts.
The sure were.. ya, Jaco/Joe/Wayne did it for me. The drummer didn't matter. isnt that strange..

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
I remember that Stevie concert. It was free, right? I didn't make it in and I am still kicking myself becaseu I never got to see the man. it was always next time. I made it in for the free Tomita concert when he played from a spaceship suspended over the river. I had my priorities. I drank a lot back then.
Free it was. Miller High-Life....Santana & Pink Floyd were playing the same weekend. I didnt go home..; )
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